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IVF Journey

Barbara worked miracles with me during my recent IVF cycle. I am in my mid-40’s and was trying a stimulated cycle and had lots of apprehension about the shots and the hormones. I also knew the emotional roller coaster associated with IVF would take its toll, so I decided to do this one differently and committed to seeing her at least weekly.  It made all the difference in the world!

My outlook stayed positive and happy and my stress was low throughout the entire cycle.  And, I blew the doctors expectations out of the water as far as number of follicles, eggs and ultimately embryos.

I know Barbara had a huge role in these results. Each acupuncture session relaxed me to the point where oftentimes I would drift off to sleep which isn’t easy for me.  She also recommended supplements for me to take daily and helped with food/snack ideas that aid fertility.  One of my favorites was an avocado a day.

Barbara is kind, warm, patient and a true healing professional.  I would recommend her to everyone on the fertility journey.


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