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When I started seeing Barbara, I was at the end of my rope. After years of unexplained infertility, numerous painful visits to leading fertility clinics, and still no hope. I decided to try something different; the best decision I ever made!

From the first visit I knew this was going to be a much different visit than the other doctors I had seen. Barbara sat down and talked to me as a person and actually listened to what I had to say. She made me a part of my healing process and gave me control on how I wanted things to progress. She made me look at all aspects of my life, she advised me on natural supplements, my diet, exercise, and even helped my husband with his diet. She gave me hope at a time when I had none left.

Six months later, I was pregnant and have since delivered a healthy baby boy. My husband and I are forever grateful to Barbara for her help and her constant friendship. She took the time to get to know us and we consider her a part of our family.

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