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Anxiety and Depression

When I weaned my daughter after three years of breastfeeding, I experienced a severe bout of anxiety and depression as a result of my sensitivity to hormonal fluctuation.  I decided to seek treatment with Barbara—and I am so glad that I did!  From my first visit, Barbara has always taken time to evaluate all of my symptoms and to obtain the whole picture of my health.  She offers a mine of knowledge about both acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine; in addition, she is highly intuitive about which treatment and what acupuncture points would most benefit me.  I have enjoyed learning about this ancient treatment, and I have found that its philosophy and technique have a thoroughness and respect for the whole self.  I have never had a health professional who so sincerely cares about my well-being and who goes out of her way to accommodate my ever-changing schedule.  She is a true healer who has helped me overcome significant emotional and hormonal difficulty.  I wholeheartedly recommend her care.

R.Z.  Round Hill, VA

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